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Education Through Music

Korg Education and SoundTree have partnered with ETM New York and ETM Los Angeles to provide low-cost music technology options to partner schools.

Lab Focus: Korg microLAB

Education Through Music is a non-profit organization focused on providing music education services to schools that do not have music programs. By partnering with under-resourced schools to deliver music as a core subject for ALL students, ETM makes music education a reality for tens of thousands of children who would otherwise have limited or no access to music education.

"The Korg MicroLAB bundle has been an amazing solution that integrates perfectly with the ETM music education model. The MicroLAB is a plug-and-play solution that has the flexibility and portability required to succeed in a wide range of classes and schools. Additionally, Korg Education has provided training for ETM staff and the teachers they place in their partner schools."

Click here to learn more about microLABs and how they can benefit your program.

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