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Music Production

Group Learning Music Products

Creating music has transitioned to heavily rely on technology; the right combination of both hardware and software make a classroom effective, efficient and fun. SoundTree can help you discover the benefits of both to achieve the goals you have for your programs.

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Korg GEC5

Group Learning Lab System

The Korg Group Education Controller 5 (GEC5) represents the most advanced system in group instruction technology. With an intuitive, easy-to-use software user interface, multiple practice and instruction modes, fully-digital stereo sound and the option of wireless tablet integration - the Korg GEC5 Lab System will take any music, language or technology lab to a new level of high efficiency and create a superior classroom experience.


61-Note GEC5 Ready Keyboard

Whether you are an Educator that dreams of building a keyboard lab for group instruction or if you are an individual who is ready to learn to play the piano, the SoundKEY is the right keyboard for you. Fully equipped to seamlessly integrate with the KORG GEC Lab System and any MIDI compatible apps and software programs interfacing beautifully with iOS, Android, Chromebook or Windows, the SoundKEY is the right choice to start learning today.

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Sound Treatments

We offer customizable acoustic treatments and have worked with our clients on a wide array of custom options to fit their needs. Whether your custom order is simple or complex, we’ll work with you to ensure you have the solution you need. Contact us to let us know about your custom acoustic treatment needs.

Play by Color

Ukulele Bundle

The included Tanglewood Concert ukulele has four colored strings that will help anyone learn to play faster than ever! Our learn-to-play Bundle includes a beautiful natural colored Tanglewood Concert ukulele, Aquila kids colored strings already installed on the uke, a padded gig bag, a Korg PC-2 clip-on Tuner and a full, 32-page method Book that will get even pre-readers playing in no time.


Digital Pianos

From entry level to top-of-the-line, SoundTree has access to the digital piano that will serve you best in any space and teaching environment. Whether you are looking for a classroom set for a piano lab, individual practice rooms, or for your teaching station, we can find you the perfect technology for the budget.

Keyboards &


Synthesizer workstations come with a huge range of sounds, samples and USB audio/MIDI interface functionality. These instruments allow you to effortlessly select the sound that you want to play, shape it to match your imagination, sample a sound, create phrases and rhythms, and perform.


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